DDQA Radiographic Phantom with x-ray tube and sensor
DDQA Radiographic Phantom inserting x-ray sensor
DDQA Radiographic Phantom showing x-ray sensor in place

Quality Assurance Phantom for Digital Dental Radiography

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The Digital Dental Quality Assurance Phantom provides users with a unique comprehensive test object designed for routine reproducible performance evaluation for digital dental intra-oral imaging systems. The phantom incorporates three components – designed to assess the dynamic range, contrast/detail resolution and spatial resolution of digital intra-oral imaging system. The phantom includes the following features: (1) All in one design allows users to assess dental image sensors using a clinical exposure setting at a fixed image to source distance. (2) Produces reproducible and comparable performance evaluation of a digital intra-oral imaging system over time for image quality assurance. (3) Produces reproducible and comparable performance evaluation of different digital intra-oral imaging systems from different manufacturers. (4) Image area is the size of a #2 film. (5) Quantifiable measurements of three most important imaging parameters. (6) Allows for the use of both round and rectangular beam indicating devices. (7) Quick and easy phantom setup with stable based saves valuable time. (8) Suitable for use with Size #0, #1, and #2 sensors: however, not all areas are visible with a single exposure with #0 and #1 sensors. (9) Includes a durable protective form-fitting carrying case for transport and storage. j(10) Can be used for film-based imaging systems as well.    US Patent # 8,308,362