RaySafe ThinX Intra
RaySafe ThinX Intra in pocket showing relative size of device
How to use RaySafe ThinX Intra device for intraoral x-ray machine

RaySafe ThinX Intra

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The RaySafe ThinX is an easy-to-use instrument designed for quality assurance of intraoral x-ray machines. Simply place the beam indicating device (collimator) over the exposure area and make an x-ray exposure. Thanks to its fully automatic user interface, there is no need to adjust settings, set-up or range selection, or even turn the device ON. As soon as radiation is detected the instrument switches itself on by using the automatic on/off function, and all measurements of the x-ray exposure are made. ThinX Intra simultaneously measures of dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, exposure time and pulses. All parameters are conveniently displayed in the large LCD.